Decentralized Ad Network AdEx Partners with Open Source Blockchain NEO

Decentralized Ad Network AdEx Partners with Open Source Blockchain NEO_sosobtc_图1

概述:AdEx 是一个国际分散式广告网络,正在为在线广告市场开发区块链驱动的基础设施,宣布与中国的开源区块链 NEO 达成合作。AdEx 首席执行官兼创始人 Ivo Georgiev 表示看到 NEO 的巨大潜力,并期望成为第一个基于 NEO 的 DApp,移植AdEx 核心,将提高广告网络的效率。AdEx 旨在解决现今在线广告中存在的问题,包括广告欺诈,隐私和知情权等问题。ADX是该平台发布的代币,迄今已达到顶峰,目前价格约为 0.34 美元,远高于其初始价格。

AdEx, an international decentralized advertising network that is developing a blockchain-powered infrastructure for online ad market has announced it has partnered with NEO, a China-based open source blockchain.

Earlier AdEx planned to use Ethereum blockchain, however, it has seemingly opted otherwise after studying what Neo has to offer.

Neo was initially founded in 2014 under the name of Antshares. After the rebranding, it has become the country’s biggest blockchain infrastructure. The project claims that its main goal is to promote the emergence of what it calls ‘smart economy’.

AdEx has recently released the basic smart contract that would underlie its advertising network, AdEx Core. 

“We see the huge potential of NEO and this is why we are aiming at becoming the first NEO-based DApp,” Ivo Georgiev, CEO and founder of AdEx, commented. “We are excited about porting the AdEx core as we are convinced this will increase the efficiency of our advertising network.”

AdEx is now engaged in developing a prototype of their service. Even though the project’s roadmap suggested that it would be released as early as next February, the team expects to finish it a few months earlier. 

Tony Dao, the secretary general of Neo Council, added:

“We are looking forward to AdEx moving its core to the NEO ecosystem. We are positive that DApps will help us push the Smart Economy further, and AdEx is an excellent trailblazer for this.”

AdEx seeks to tackle issues found in contemporary online advertising, which includes ad fraud, privacy problems, and the issue of informed consent. 

The news on the newly announced partnership come in the wake of a successful token creation event held by AdEx which raised 4008 ETH.

ADX, the platform’s native token issued over the course of the campaign, has peaked several times so far, and is currently traded at the price of $0.34, which is considerably higher than its initial price.

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